17 April 2012

a p r i l ' s . f o o l

This isn't rain

It's a tiny snow storm, in a pastel coloured world - and instead of the warm weekend I was hoping for - and a bus ride from Skanstull to Hornstull at Söder, Sthlm - and as beautiful as seen through a camera lens and bus window, as annoying up close

Two things I've thought about recently:

1. Miranda July's The Future (2011). I enjoyed watching it, and reading and thinking about it afterward. Paw Paw to me is an Indian as in Native American, carrying a rich mystical cat legacy into the world of us

2. Anna Dorfman replies in a debate at Door Sixteen on work and inspiration:

"There is a vast difference between the kind of inspiration (which I really prefer to call influence) that we accumulate over time and through exposure, and with endlessly seeking out, cataloging, and preserving specific pieces of work to serve as inspiration for one’s own future output. One is the sum total of who were are as people, and the other is who we wish we were."

This is something I've been mulling over lately, but have been unable to put into words. I feel relief

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