9 December 2011


 If this post were a Friends episode, it would be called: The one where she goes crazy. (You do remember how they all began with "The one where..."? Yeah, you do, of course you do.) So, some time ago I watched The Truman Show (1998) for the first time and I really liked it, especially the ending. So if you haven't watched it - stop right here, it'll only get worse. A non stop ending until the end of this post.

IMDb claims that: "The ending mirrors the ending of the C.S. Lewis book "Voyage of the Dawn Treader", #4 of the Narnia series (#3 in publication order), with a ship sailing to the end of the "known" world and encountering a sky-blue wall, with a doorway leading to "another" world."

I'm quite well reversed with Narnia since childhood but that's not what came to my mind, oh nooo. (The other day though I saw a man on the subway that looked exactly like Aslan would if he were human. I wanted to go up and tell him or take his picture, but I didn't dare to. How do you start off that conversation? "You know Aslan..." It would go from awkward to bad right there.) 

Anyway, just like The Scarlet Pimpernel, Jim Carrey's wardrobe goes from silly, preppy über white American - change "American" into "English" and "preppy" into "vain" for the Pimp' yo - to man of action. He's all rugged and in control as he literally ends his world with a crash:


So, here's where I start losing it and just like Joseph McCarthy see communism everywhere: 

(This poster is called: "Hail the heroic partisans, who destroy the rear of the Fascists". Poor rear.)

Look at the pose and clothes and demeanor - Jim Carrey is no longer an insurance broker, he's a man of the people. (Just like women get to shake out their hair and take off their glasses and become sexy librarian instead of dried up librarian, this is the preferred movie transformation for men, and as glorious each time. Seriously, change works on film.) 

The end of Narnia? The end of the east block more like it. See it my way: a benevolent, all seeing dictator has programmed a perfect, idealistic world where its inhabitants have each a role to perform in a megalomaniac puzzle --- This aint the White Witch y'all.

Now, I promised you communism and communism you'll get:

I love visible sets, and this ending made my day, so beautiful and flat. My mind, with the speed of light, traveled from Soviet to China:

(These posters are for sale, and at the site you can watch them uncropped and uncompromised, like they should be.)
Look at the beautiful, flat, idealistic scenery and the theatrical poses of Madame Mao's opera. It's a candy coloured universe where armed dancers perform a political message for the people. (I can't find a good link for Madame Mao's opera, this is the best so far.) 

Now tell me, isn't the blue sky of The Truman Show reminiscent of that of Madame Mao's?

The last poster is from the revolutionary ballet "The White Hair Girl"(1973) and I've wanted a copy for myself for years, it's so revolutionary Hello Kitty* cute that my teeth rot. In its entirety it looks like this. Unfortunately it's a rare and sold out poster, so I've temporarily printed out a mini for myself:

For no apparent reason I've placed it between Little My, the Berlin TV-tower and a Deutsche Bahn train. Welcome to my universe - !

*I know, a Japanese reference in the mix. Sorry.


Lisa said...

Love this post! Transformations in film makes me purr like a cat. And I agree that the movie is really good! Must see it again! Jim Carrey can be brilliant or a total disaster on the screen.

Ella said...

Yeah it's funny how some things work so well in moving pictures. Transformation is one, people being really skilled at something - cooking, drawing, sowing, fighting etc - is another.

I almost... think Will Ferrell is a better comedian gone drama actor. Take Stranger than Fiction (one of my big movie loves) or Everything must go, for instance.